journey birth

From the moment we find out that we are pregnant everything in our lives change ~ and this overwhelming desire to preserve each moment fills our hearts.

A Journey Birth package is the best way for a mother and/or Father who knows that they will need more than just one session to maximize savings while still keeping the best photographer! What you do is just purchase 2 - 6 photography sessions at one time. This is called a Journey Birth or {JB}. Buying these shoots in a Journey Birth package saves you 15% on the total price!

Journey Birth Sessions can include:

  • Maternity session
  • Baby shower
  • Labor and Birth
  • Infancy
  • Childhood
  • New-Family session

In a {JB} package you are allowed to choose any packages at any size with only one exception: A baby shower cannot be covered in 30 minutes so you can only get this in a half or a full session.

Its tricky to set a time for a labor and birth session as all of women have such unique and different experiences. And its for this reason that capturing the birth of your child on film is such a beautiful opportunity to see later what you only could feel at the time. My labor and birth sessions start with up to 4 hours of on location photography and is priced at $900. The time that I have spent recording a mother’s journey through birth has been some of the most rewarding time spent behind a camera and the joy that these mothers have seeing their journey later is priceless.

With the maternity, infancy, childhood, and family sessions you are allowed to choose from the mini, half or full sessions packages.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!