Sid and Tia’s Tamarack Wedding

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Brandon and Athena’s Bogus Basin Wedding

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Jerry and Margret Holz are married!

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50th wedding anniversary!

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The $28,000 Photograph


I have been spending a large amount of time thinking about the value of my photographs. Yes, it’s a memory that is now frozen in all its beauty safe from the grip of time ~ but it is far more than that! Each photo costs me so much to make! I did a bit of math on a few of my favorite images and was astounded at the cost behind then.

There are so many images online bombarding us each day! And this creates a higher expectation from professional photographers because where quantity is high we tend to value it less. But shouldn’t we value quality more in this case?

My images are all over $25,000  depending on the lens and equipment I shoot with…here is a breakdown of my fav shoot method and equipment.

  • My camera Nikon D810E $3800
  • My battery grip and extra battery $500
  • lens Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR $2400
  • speed flash SB 910 and batteries all day $750
  • 2 assistants carrying gear and helping with shoot $400
  • 64 Gb memory card San disc $80
  • Lightroom and Photoshop to edit $500
  • iMac and card reader to edit $3800
  • Back up storage airport time capsule and cloud storage, also externals $700
  • This alone totals: $12,930

I guess you could buy this gear and take a photo but do you know how to make it look like this? I spent the last 11 years learning how to do this and all my photography education has totaled over $15,000 making this one photo $27,930. We could add in the extras…this location cost well over $5000 just to reserve. The dress, the tux, the hair…Its such an invaluable service!

I always tell people that Even if you can afford a Ferrari you need to know how to drive it and I am Mario Andrade with my cameras. To take these pictures I needed my education on exposure, composition, off-camera flash, flash-bounce, multiple light sources, white balance, posing, light composition and post-production editing.

I am an artist, friend, and I LOVE my job! Thanks to all my clients who value photography as much as I do! I am so eternally grateful to you for letting me capture your memories and at the same time remain a stay at home mommy! DREAMS MET! Thanks!

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