Causes & Inspiration

I am naturally an artist but I do have things that really put the wind in my sails. Immediately I have to mention my little family. They inspire me daily. I want to be the best lindy I can be me so that I can help enrich their lives as they do mine. To my husband, my son, my cats and my dog, thank you, you rock my socks off.

I was raised on the belief that you need to give back to the world when given a lot…and from this I decided to find a way to use my photography not just for my personal benefit but also for the benefit of everyone that I could. These searches to serve lead me to a non-profit organization called Flashes of Hope.

With over 50 chapters in the US, Flashes of Hope changes the way children with cancer see themselves through the gift of photography and raise money for children’s cancer research. Each image tells the story of childhood cancer ~ capturing moments of kindness dignity and courage.

I petitioned for a year to open a chapter in Idaho ~ unbeknownst to the lady that called me she called on my birthday a couple years to let me know that I was accepted and allowed to open it up here in Idaho. I SOBBED with joy. Since then I have organized and photographed over 200 children battling life-threatening illnesses. This summer we plan on photographing near 500 children.

Along with these two friends and myself started up Kick-it here in Idaho as well. This is purely a FUN way to raise money for oncology research. Our first big event is this October! Watch for it!

On top of these great non-profit charities that I work hard at I am very inspired by self mastery ~ I LOVE thought coaching, life coaching…learning to control your reactions and your responses… being the person you dreamed…this type of thought practice.

I love to share stories and expereinces with people, so be sure to check out my blog, it’s is full of information in these causes, as well some personal adventures and some inspiring thoughts of life and love and everything else. Best part of all, it’s all caught on camera! So check it out!

I always believed in love but I never believed that I would have it. I always enjoyed taking photos of others in love, recording the very essence of their love for each other and all the while vicariously sharing it with them. Then I met Jeremiah. HE anchored me. He loved me back. He gave me everything that I always longed for and even MUCH more. Now I don’t record a wedding vicariously! I have such a very keen sense of love and know what its like to be so secure and happy and IN LOVE…so I am even better at my job now, and life is such a blessing again. His love inspires my creativity and passion in my work! Thank you baby, for bringing me to life in a way I didn’t know was possible!

And I am also a real human in my free time: drawing, running, singing, cooking, movies, snowboarding, camping, xbox, dancing poorly, and having adventures daily…